Confinement Food Package
Confinement is Always BETTER At Home

YiJian Confinement Meals Package for 28 Days

Suitable for Confinement, Miscarriage, Post Surgery & Custom-Made Healthy Food

Below Promotion Effective on 2024

YiJian Other Meals Package

Special Add-On

1) Double-Boiled Soup ( 100% pure herbal soup )

2) Double-Boiled Dessert

3) Nourishing Confinement Tea

Delivery once daily 11:30am-12:30 noon

( Delivery time may vary based on traffic conditions or venue. We do our best to deliver on time )

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which area do you cover for your confinement meal delivery ?

We provide confinement meal delivery in Penang island, and most areas included Tanjung Bungah, Teluk Kumbar, Batu Maung,Balik Pulau and more.


We deliver to your area ,but we will charge on delivery service based on km per trip for delivery out of coverage.

Q2. Which area postcode coverage for Free delivery ?

We cover Free delivery to postcode : 11900

Q3. What are the charges for your delivery > 10km or out of Free coverage ?

We charge delivery service based on km rate. Please call us to check the delivery rate for more details.

Q4. How many time a day do you deliver ?

We deliver both your lunch and dinner meals at the same time between 11.:30am to 12:30noon everyday.

For Special Extra Trip ( with charges ) : 6-7 pm

Q5. What sort of containers do you use for storing the food, soup or drink ?

We store the food and soup in high quality, Stainless Steel tiffin or microwave safe container ( when necessary ) which can be safely and conveniently consumption.


For clients who order confinement drink, we will provide 2-Stainless Steel Thermos Flask 500ml each, ie. 1000ml per day

Q6. How much soup per day for every meal ? The same soup every day ?  

For every meal we provide 1-bowl of nourishing soup. Lunch and dinner nourishing soup will be the same per day ie, 2-bowls altogether, but every day soup will be different based on kitchen arrangement.

Q7. Do you delivery every day ?

Yes, our kitchen will be open weekend, public holidays, except for CNY first 3-days

Q8. What if I do not consume certain items in your menu?

Typically, requests to exclude 1 item or 2 items (eg. ginger content, no alcohol , less meat, more vegetables ) can be easily acceded to. 

Additional special requests for item changes are individually reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contingency charges may apply for multiple special requests or choose the Custom-Made Package for better personal customization.

Kindly contact us to make the necessary arrangements. 

Q9. Do you have package for Extended or Mini Confinement or Post Surgery ?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us so that we can recommend a confinement or post surgery meal plan based on your needs.

Q10. Do you have Vegetarian Confinement food ?

Yes, we do offer vegetarian confinement food upon request. Choose the Custom-Made Package for better personal customization.

Q11. Do you have Single meal packages?

Yes, we offer 7 or 14 or 28 days single meal ( either lunch or dinner) packages.

Q12. Can I change the delivery venue when needed ?

We advise to confirm the right venue before EDD (Expected Delivery Date). Unless certain cases,a minimum 24 hour’s notice is required for any change in delivery venue.

Additional charges RM 25 will be included for any changes of location address deliver per request.

Q13. Traditional Confinement practises the first 7-10 days with meals PORK and VEGE only. Did your center practise this custom ?

Yes. We confine first 7 days to pork and vegetables only. Chicken, fish and eggs will be consumed start the 8th day.

Q14. How far in advance do I need to book your service ?

Our priority is to deliver quality meals to our mothers. Guarantee a slot for their EDD.

We advise mothers to book as soon as they can so we can guarantee a slot for their EDD, kitchen arrangement and driver booking.

Q15. What payment modes are accepted?

We accept payment via bank deposits as shown below. Or payment thru Touch N Go with URL link provided thru Whatapps.


Kindly send us back the bank copy to WHATAPPS 016-4403938


Kindly make payments to


Maybank 507134550591

Q16. Can I make a deposit now and pay the remaining balance later ?

The booking deposit is only RM500. The balance is payable 3 days before EDD.

Q17. What if I choose to cancel my booking?   

Once the meal delivery commences, a 25% penalty fee will apply for any cancellation from the package course price.

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