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Confinement began as early as over two thousand years ago.The culture and philosophy of confinement merged with the theory of Traditional Chinese medicine and the balance between Yin and Yang and Cold and Heat. This is essential practice after delivery and the core stages include food management and daily activities.

According to Traditional Chinese doctrines, because of the loss in body strength and blood during labour, a woman’s body is at the weakest during confinement. Proper rest of 6 to 8 weeks to let the body return to its optimum condition. This period of healing was known as confinement.

To restore or improve a mother’s vitality and health, one should use Chinese medicine for rejuvenation purpose, and then follow the proper confinement method, consume adequate nutrition and take proper rest


Our dedicated Health Food Consultant, TCM physicians, therapists & team members emphasise on the efficacy, safety and quality of the services and products, hence committed to the highest level of care.


To provide the value-based treatment plan through best available TCM specialities, Health Food Consultation and Therapists.

OUR Core Values

All Natural

Our confinement meals are all natural and do not consists of artificial coloring and flavor

Less Sugar and Salt

Our Meals are all less sugar and less salt, and it is more healthy to consume


Our Policy is very strict. All our meals are strictly no MSG

No Stock Cube

All our ingredients are fresh and we do not use processed food in our cooking

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